Popcorn Girl

Laurie Sabol

Popcorn Girl's Laurie Sabol 

Need a burst of inspiration? Meet  Laurie Sabol, Las Vegas' own, original Popcorn Girl. The former fitness trainer (true fact!) is an endlessly energetic cheerleader for the joys of popcorn.

No wonder she's been featured on the Food Network, Criss Angel and even Tanked--and tourists from other cities take the trip from the Strip just to see her shop. Over the past five years, Sabol has built the humble business into a a local powerhouse with two locations (and a just opened franchise in, of all places, Quatar) producing hundreds--maybe thousands--of gallons of popcorn every day.

"Popcorn makes the world a better place," says Laurie.

And Popcorn Girl certainly offers a world of ways to make it better, in 60 sweet and savory flavors--and over a dozen fudges--with no preservatives and natural flavorings. Their caramel is made fresh, and the cheese corn even starts with real cheese.  Every batch is carefully sorted to make sure there's never an unpopped kernel.

Your biggest problem might be deciding which to choose--consider Creamy Cheesecake, Green Appleicious, White Cheddar & Caramel ("Denver"),  Jalapeno Ranch, Dill Pickle, Baconator (Bacon & Cheddar), Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Toast...the list literally goes on and on. And if you can't decide, there's always Confetti, a combination of every one of their sweet flavors for a surprise in every bite. Then there are the chocolate-drizzled varieties, to really push things into the indulgence zone.

They also offer an impressive array of gift packages, especially for sports fans, deliver all over town and ship all over the country. Business gifting is especially popular. In store, you'll find some fun old time taffy and classic candies and sodas too. Sabol also makes it a point to seek out high school students for employment in her businesses. "I like to be part of the community, work with teens, and give them a good foundation."

No doubt they enjoy the employee discount, too. 

Words & Photos: E.C. Gladstone






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